• StrategicRecruiting and TalentScanning, where particular leadership perspective, value creation or change is required.
    Creative solutions and excellent people judgement skills are our strength, achieving a new dimension of diversity and corporate development, thus successful differentiation for our clients.

  • Board Re-Composition Assignments to meet highest corporate governance standards and effectiveness, and to prepare organizations for the future.

  • TalentAgenting®, ConnAction®, and ExecutiveBranding. Combine, in a customized way, a variety of powerful tools and solutions to help executives and future leaders as well as their organizations to accomplish their vision, create and live their values and to successfully develop and fulfill their strategic goals. We help executives to "compose" successful and rewarding careers.

  • Unlock maximum human capital potential by helping corporate clients to create "next generation" human capital management processes, and to effectively align human capital management with business strategy. For example: executive talent selection and -development, succession planning, strategic key function review, intelligent reward programs, people judgment skill training, etc.