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 Shared Leadership: Better decisions or total chaos?  26.01.2017  97 KB  
 The New Art of Innovation: Talent Acquisition  08.06.2015  211 KB  
 Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce: Talent Leadership in the Digital Era - A Revolution for   Business Leaders and HR?  07.04.2014  163 KB  
 Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce: Smart Talent Management & Succession Planning  2012  327 KB  
 HSG Alumi Career Event: Modelling Your Career - Self-Branding  2011  2.2 MB  
 CEMS Alumni Anual Meeting: "Why Self-Branding?"  Dec. 2009  n/a  
 HSG - EMBA Career Day  May 2009  n/a  
 Swiss-AMCHAM: Comp. Outlook 2009  October 2008  120 KB  
 HSG-CSC: Career Directions  Sept. 2008  n/a  
 Swiss-AMCHAM: Creating the Innovative Enterprise - Process or Values? Product or Passion?  May 2008  78 KB  
 Swiss-AMCHAM: Personnel Compensation in Switzerland, Outlook for 2008  October 2007  74 KB  
 Swiss-AMCHAM: Mobilize Entrepreneurial Talent for Growth and Renewal  March 2007  n/a  
 Swiss-AMCHAM: Personnel Compensation in Switzerland, Outlook for 2007  October 2006  84 KB